In 1966, CHINTAI Spring Factory, the fore-enterprise of CHINTAI Spring Bed Co., Ltd. was established in Liu-Jia-Ding, Tainan.The clients were mostly mattress assembly corporations. The business mainly focused on producing and selling coils for mattress.For years, CHINTAI kept striving to meet customers?needs and to developing core techniques of manufacturing mattress. Gradually










 High Quality of Sleeping Environment

You may have suffered from daily pressure. Having better sleep is one solution to soothe your stresses and strains. The quality of sleep basically consists of two crucial elements. One is deep relaxation and the other is thoroughly comfortable awakening. Therefore, you will obtain the better sleep by improving your sleeping environment.


High Quality Sleep Environment (H.Q.S.E.) represents every important elements of high standard sleeping surrounding and that is what we are seeking for. There is no doubt that choosing a good mattress affects the quality of sleeping. General speaking, there is no one mattress that fit everyone since each individual has unique body line. The best way to select a mattress is to use your body to touch and feel the mattress. No matter the mattress is made of “BONNEL COIL SPRING,” “HIGH-DENSITY CONTINUATION SPRING,” or “POCKET COIL SPRING,” They fulfill the following requirements:

  • Proper softness that completely fit and support your body.
  • Firmly constructed and un-deformed.
  • Maintaining the warmth, simultaneously evaporating humidity.
  • Properly distributed body pressure which prevents from turning over your body during sleep. 
Depending on your preference, we would like to introduce to you the best fit mattress and that is always CHINTAI’s principle